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We Work with Researchers to Commercialize their Technology

We are a small team of successful technology development and business executives, with a career focus on healthcare.  Our passion, decades of experience, insights and resources, have helped us develop a strong reputation in the healthcare market with a track record of commercial success.  In addition to bringing technology to market, Dinis Cabral – our principle – has co-founded several businesses, including one in the healthcare IT industry. The business was ultimately acquired by a national telecom operator, forming the core of its healthcare practice.

Top of Mind Technologies and the mobile phone App – TOM – represent an excellent example of a product that was germinated in Academia and developed through a multi-year long collaboration with Dinis and his team.

Business Management
Strategy, planning, and...implementation
Financial and general business management issues are more often than not the reason most new products and businesses fail. We bring an essential discipline and focus to bear on commercialization. along with an extensive business network to help ensure success.
Product Development
Specification, design, and implementation
We've been there, done that, and have the battle scars to prove it! We've been through several process fads, and even pioneered a couple. We have developed, and continue to evolve a rapid and effective process to help reliably get products to market on time.
Product Management
Requirements and go-to-market strategies
Critical to any commercialization effort, is a well thought out product strategy and plan. This covers everything from market research (what ever is appropriate) all the way through to marketing and sales activities, as well as product deployment and support.
Dinis is a pleasure to work with … due to his expertise and communication style, we have learned so much! I would certainly recommend Dinis and JLG Health Solutions to any of my fellow researchers who are interested in commercializing the results of their research
Testimonial by Jeffrey W. Jutai, PhD, CPsych
Jeffrey W. Jutai, PhD, CPsych
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa
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Working with JLG Health Solutions

A Client Shares his Perspective

JLG Health Solutions was engaged by Dr. Jutai at the University of Ottawa to help commercialize some of the results arising from involvement in a project connected to a national research initiative, called Age-Well. Dr. Jutai’s team is focused on developing an APP that is intended to help people with cognitive problems as they age, to successfully manage their health and daily living.


* Dr Jeffry Jutai shares some of his experiences and perspective of working with Dinis and JLG Health Solutions

TOM / MAX minderTM App

MAX minderTM is a mobile application that was developed under an umbrella initiative – MAX help – which has a mission to;

Assist multi-generational families cope with some of the challenges associated with aging parents, and in the process, to empower older adults with smart technology

MAX is a service platform for assisting people, who may have minor cognitive impairment, with managing their daily activities. It follows a ‘circle of care’ model involving family and friends, while empowering the older adult with greater control over their care. The lead service is based on a mobile phone app – MAX minderTM – that provides the older adult with reminders of important daily activities. The focus of the first release is on scheduling important activities, including medications.

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